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Everything you need to start and grow

Get a complete package of business development tools – from industry-leading training to sales and technical support, marketing tools, SPF systems, and equipment.


Our training is designed to offer the best possible preparation for success in the spray-applied polyurethane foam industry. Enrolling in courses at the Technology Training Center is the first step. Experts with many years of “on-the-wall” experience in the air barrier and insulation markets provide training and share their wealth of knowledge.


We offer a complete range of equipment for all polyurethane applications, including pumps, proportioners, spray guns and dispensing equipment.

Proven systems

To be competitive in the application business, you need the latest and most innovative systems. With the strength of the largest R&D team in the world behind us, our systems include formulations engineered to perform for every code and climate: insulation systems for walls, foundations, attics and ceilings, insulating air barrier systems, as well as insulating air seal kits and cans.

Grow your business

We want your business to grow. A wide range of sales tools are at your disposal. Technical literature, data sheets, sell sheets and brochures are available. Awareness-building among the architectural and building-owner audiences, backed up with third-party verification of all in-field performance claims, provide our applicators with more opportunities to bid on – and win— projects.

Technical support

All technical support claims are fully backed by BASF and experts have created a wide range of support materials, including printed and online technical data, news updates, formulation data and field trials of new applications. Our technical services department has on-site and traveling staff available for field support and troubleshooting assistance. If you would like to request more information, please click here.